Victor Hugo: How to display the Netlify theme?

Hi, if I download e.g.

auto-created by netlify, cd ./site and run hugo server -D according to quick-start then, the css seem to be missing.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Try this repo

Sorry, the problem persists. If I clone the netlify template (sample site plus theme) and simply run

git clone
cd victor-hugo/site
hugo server -D

only text is displayed whilst a themes subfolder is missing. Interestingly npm start displays a theme.

Question 1: which theme could be added

git submodule add ???
echo ‘theme = “???”’ >> config.toml

for hugo server to display the netlify default one?

Question 2: how does npm start know of the theme?

Sorry for my ignorance - I am a newbie. Thanks!

That victor-hugo is not a theme to add on to an existing hugo project it is a starter on it’s own.

git clone
cd victor-hugo
npm run start

Understood! Then, I will not use the boilerplate but stick with hugo server (Raspberry Pi 4 support in Manjaro).

Is it important to choose a theme at the begin of building a website and stay with it? Or do family of themes exist that can be easily exchanged or can any theme be exchanged w/o having to change content?


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