Vibe's official website generated by Hugo:

Just want to showcase how flexible and powerful Hugo is…

Journey starts more than two years ago (Dec 2018) when I decided to build company’s official website on Hugo. Built and maintained for more than a year, then completely re-written with all the lesson learnt, for a better structure to create page variants easily (for ads landing pages).

I choose Hugo because:

  1. Nothing beats the cost, speed and reliability of a static website.
  2. The customizability vs complexity is just at the sweet point.
  3. The awesome community.

And of course because I’m a gopher.

The project is open source:

  • github/vibeus/hugo-common, as name suggests, are shared partials, shortcodes, assets, etc.
  • GitHub - vibeus/vibe-cms: Vibe's CMS system is a Hugo module that renders blogs and blog-like content. Content is pulled from WordPress (previously Dropbox Paper) which is easier for writers to compose their articles (heck they should learn to write in markdown…).
  • GitHub - vibeus/vibe-website: Source that generates is the main repo.
  • The ads landing pages is a private repo, since it contains some business strategy that is not for sharing…

There are still much to improve, like the way i18n is handled. But, I’m proud of the work overall.