Using the new Hugo Goldmark Extensions to avoid manually escaping characters in LaTeX


First, thanks to all for the recent work figuring out the new Goldmark parser issues with rendering LaTeX, especially @jmooring for the many posts related to the topic (I’ve read over a dozen from last 12 mo, including related git issues).

I use Hugo for my site (which has latex), repo: GitHub - locallytrivial/ Locally Trivial Site . The GitHub issues and posts here have helped me figure out how to get the LaTeX to properly render after recently upgrading (over two years stale), by manually escaping underscores, etc. The issue with that (as stated elsewhere), is that once escaped, that latex isn’t portable to other latex editors. I see some progress has been made with the new Hugo Goldmark extensions library to handle this automatically.

My question: How can I use the hugo-goldmark-extensions library? I’ve not compiled Hugo from scratch before. Any advice would be appreciated!

Extension link: GitHub - gohugoio/hugo-goldmark-extensions: Work in progress.


Wow, thanks for the quick reply! That solved the issue. One note: I also added [‘$’, ‘$’] to inline delimiters, but the comment in the docs about escaping \$ for other uses was helpful. Kudos to all!

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