Using symbolic link for latest docs

Some software documentation websites I’ve seen use two folders, a version directory (e.g., “v1.5”) and a “latest” directory so that users can use a URL to always get the latest docs (e.g., I’m wondering if there is a best practice for handling this, where the latest doc version is often changing. Could I use the new symbolic link support in Hugo to create a symbolic link for “latest” which always points to the latest version of the generated docs?
If this is reasonable, how would I do this in Hugo?


I would probably keep this simple and use aliases in the front matter of the latest docs bundle.

I’ve thought long and hard about this problem, having built several documentation sites using Hugo, but I honestly haven’t found a better path than simply having separate subdirectories for each version (with the contents of the latest directory being identical with the most up-to-date version). Everything else I’ve tried was too much work, led to maintainability issues, required people to read a lot of docs just to contribute, etc. Would love a more elegant solution but I have my doubts that it’s out there.

If your deployment service supports link redirection (Netlify does), this might help:

Example Netlify _redirects file:

/latest/* /v1.5/:splat 200!
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@lucperkins is right. You may try to be clever, but you will end up painting yourself into a corner. Hugo, with its static binary (you can version the binary used for a particular version of the docs) comes closer to an alternative solution than the others, but I think the work flow would be:

On release, do a

hugo -d public
hugo -d public/v1.23

Or something like that. The designs will change as time go, but the above is some of the beauty of static. It will survive the next 1000 years.

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