Using readfile outside of hugo's source directory

I’ve got git repo which contains both the hugo docs and app source code, structured like this:

- docs
  - bookshelf
    - content
    - etc
- src
  - code here

I’m wanting to use the readfile shortcode to read some of the files into the docs to embed them as code snippets, so I’m doing something like this:

{{ readFile "../src/some-file.js" }}

But I get an error saying the file doesn’t exist. Now, I know it exists on disk (doing an ls on the path shows it’s there) so my guess is that because it’s outside the “hugo source” folder it thinks it doesn’t exist. So, is there a way that I can reference that file to read its contents and embed, or can I only use readFile with files inside the path specific in the --source argument to hugo server?

Yes. To reach files outside of the project folder, you probably need to create a symbolic link or something.