Getting the content from an external file

This might be a stupid question but …

Assume I have my very normal Hugo site but on some pages I would like to have the content of pages that belongs to a completely different application/project (non-Hugo). They are written in markdown with no Hugo specific data/markup.

My idea for bringing this content into my Hugo site would be to create pages as normal in my hugo directory but just with the necessary headers and then use some kind of file referens to tell Hugo where the actual content of the file should be read from. The rest of the site contains normal pages with all relevant data in each file.

Two questions:

  1. Is this a good idea? Is it better to do it in some other way (the content files can’t really be changed from plain markdown)?
  2. How should I do the actual reading from the content files

One way to do it would be to place these markdown files in your Data folder and then use readFile to render their contents in the pages you need with a shortcode.