Using minimo theme

I was trying this theme out, but noticed that when I create folders like content/page, then in my main menu there is a menu section for pages? How do I hide it? I looked through example configs yet could’nt find. In the example from minimo we can see that there is no posts nor pages in main menu section.

Also how to make it show categories instead of tags on my main page?

Here is my config

We would need to view the whole source code to help. Have you tried asking the theme’s developer as well?

If you don’t want that behavior then why are you using this option in your config.toml?

sectionPagesMenu = "main"

It’s a Hugo feature. Nothing to do with Minimo.

Remove that option if you don’t want your sections to show up in the menu.

Also, the widget configurations should go into /data/config/widgets.toml (not in your config.toml).


Also how to make it show categories instead of tags on my main page?

If you’re talking about the Tags Cloud (taxonomy_cloud) widget then set taxonomy = "categories" under taxonomy_cloud in your /data/config/widgets.toml file.


Everything you need to fine-tune or configure Minimo is documented at:


Thanks for the reply!

I somehow skipped that part “/data/config/widgets.toml” when reading the document my bad :scream:.

The thing I was wondering was how to get the main menu to show


Right now I have Home | Posts

Sorry that I didn’t wrote clear enough.

Check Hugo Menu Documentation:

contents are added to menu from the content’s frontmatter

Also, if you want to check the source of the Demo site, check:

Oh, Now I get it.

Thanks for helping this noob out!!!


I am unsure which way is the best to contact you as I dont use github.

So I noticed that for Fuse.js search

You wrote “Select Lunr.js as the search client”. Are you planning on putting more information about the implementation of Fuse.js ?

Sorry, that was a typo. I should’ve been: “Select Fuse.js as the search client”

Are you planning on putting more information about the implementation of Fuse.js ?

No. That’s about it. Fuse.js should work fine after doing that.

Its fine I was just wondering if it needs additional steps such as npm install -g fuse etc?

No, Fuse won’t need that.

Wow cool thanks!

I added into menu and it works like great only with one problem.

The url like works and I can use it to find posts and categorizes… but if I press enter or press the search icon it goes to -> which leads to an 404 Not Found.

Wondering if I should have configured something else also for it.

Do you have this in your config.toml?

page = "/:slug/"


Thanks that was the solution.

You really made it easy to customize and make Minimo userfriendly.

I guess you are probably not going to implement isso commenting server support on Minimo theme? Thought I think its not too hard to implement and try it myself.

I’m not familiar with Isso.

If you are up to it, you are welcomed to create a PR on the GitHub repository implementing Isso.


I think I should prob. make an github account as it might be better to ask from there. For now not sure why I cant build my hugo site. I get this error if I am using categories.

Building sites … ERROR 2018/08/03 08:30:12 Error while rendering “page” in “posts/”: template: _default/single.html:8:5: executing “_default/single.html” at <partial "entry/foote…>: error calling partial: template: partials/entry/footer.html:8:12: executing “partials/entry/footer.html” at <partial "entry/taxon…>: error calling partial: template: partials/entry/taxonomy-list.html:12:14: executing “partials/entry/taxonomy-list.html” at <$.Site.GetPage>: error calling
GetPage: too many arguments to .Site.GetPage: [taxonomyTerm categories marking]. Use lookups on the form {{ .Site.GetPage “/posts/mypage-md” }}

Check MunifTanjim/minimo#162

You’ve updated Hugo, but haven’t updated Minimo. Update Minimo to the latest release.

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