[Solved] Page variable .Kind not working on list and single pages

For styling purposes I needed a css class that indicates the right kind of page I am currently on.

So in my header.html partial I wrote:

<body class="{{ .Kind }}">

Unfortunately this only works on the Home page:

<body class="home">

But on a list and detail page it’s not working:

<body class>

I am using Hugo 0.18.1 - Can someone verify this ‘bug’? Or am I missing something?

Every Page has a Kind, so I suspect there is something else going one, which is hard to tell without the full source.

Dammit, you were totally right - I forgot to pass the context to the partial on list pages:

{{ partial "header.html" }}

Instead of:

{{ partial "header.html" . }}

So of course .Kind was not available…