Using blocks in Taxonomy Terms Template


doesn’t work if i using defined blocks from _default/baseof.html …

so when I add

{{define “main”}}
some code here …

page is blank …

when I add this inside
_default/terms.html … everything works .

Yer message doesn’t make much sense, maybe because what is code and what is text is mixed together.

How about you put your templates and site in a public repo, and link to it; then you will get more help. :slight_smile:

Ok let me try to explain better.

Through whole site I use baseof as my main application layout.

When I try to show taxonomy list from -> …/authors/

it’s showing /layouts/taxonomy/author.terms.html

If i add

{{define “main”}}

show all authors html here


it’s showing just a blank page.

but If i remove define … it will show all authors … but I lost my main layout .

hope this makes more sense

Can’t help ya without seeing the templates.

What are you trying to put in /layouts/taxonomy/author.terms.html?

Also, there is a button on the reply editor for these forums, it looks like </>. Use that to format your code, so it looks like:

<div class="container">
  <div class="home-featured">
    <div class="featured-articles">
{{ range $i, $e := first 3 .Site.Data.home.featured }}

Sorry … please checkout now .

I can’t tell what that is happening. My suggestion would be to create a very basic site, with not other components except for the templates you are testing. If that is an issue with the lookup, we should fix it. But your site is setup in a way that I’ve never seen, and I get loads of errors running it locally, so it isn’t the best test example.

Aside: if you’ve already committed .DS_store, you can to git rm them. Afterward the .gitignore will work.

Site works on all our machines and I just deployed everything on Netlify without any issues.

You just need to yarn install; yarn start to see locally . This is just customized version based on Victor Hugo repo.

Perhaps another person will install software to debug yer issue, but I’ll pass. :slight_smile:

compare with
Have the same issue.