Blocks and define override in hugo theme

I face an issue when using Hugo v0.16 and creating a theme.

Basically I define a list.html file with a {{ block }} entry in order to override it later in my taxonomy

After reading the documentation here it seems that a good entrypoint should be in the /themes/THEME/layouts/_default/taxonomy.html
file. But when I render my index.html it uses the define in the taxonomy file. I think this is a bug but I just want to be sure.

here are the basic content of my files:


<h1>Foo {{ block "bar"}}{{ end }}</h1>


 {{ define "bar" }}Bar{{ end }}

What I was expecting:


<h1>Foo </h1>


<h1>Foo Bar</h1>

But the index.html looks like /taxonomy_plural/taxonomy_term/ which is not what I want

block keywords should be in baseof*.html files only.

It works! Thanks a lot!