Use shortcodes inside included files

Hi to all,

I have one doubt:

I have two files, for example, fileOne.adoc and fileTwo.adoc

And the fileOne.adoc includes the fileTwo.adoc in this way


And works well, fileTwo.adoc was included. But in the fileTwo.adoc I used one shortcode, something like this:

{{< shortcode "param" >}}

But the problem is when the I compile the website and the fileOne.adoc it’s rendered, the shortcode included in the fileTwo.adoc is rendered in this way:

{{< shorcode "param" >}}

Instead of:

This is the result of the shortcode: param1

Bye and thanks for your help.

I have the same issue. Is there a resolution?

I am not familiar with adoc, but including the shortcode as such would probably work:

{{% shortcode "param" %}}

This seems to render the shortcode before the content rendered starts.
See a similar thread: Include an md file