Shortcodes not recognized in .adoc includes

I’m using asciidoctor with Hugo 5.6.3.

I’m trying to include asciidoctor content from an include file using the asciidoctor include:: directive. The content contains a shortcode.

The regular asciidoctor text in the included content appears with no problems, but Hugo doesn’t seem to recognize the shortcode, and displays it just as it appears in the included file. That is, the following shortcode reference

{{< adoc_ref "aws_integration_overview.adoc" >}}

isn’t converted to a link to another topic, but simply appears inline in the text:

Amazon Web Services ( AWS ): see {{< adoc_ref “aws_integration_overview.adoc” >}}.

Is this a limitation of Hugo?

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I have exactly the same problem. Finally you solved it?

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