URLs are generated correctly, but address bar has /#/ on the end - how to remove?

In my website, a link is correcty shown as http://www.website.com in the webpage, however if you click on that link and visit the page, the URL in the address bar is http://www.website.com/#/ - Any ideas on how to remove this anchor/hash? It’s as if the page is rewriting the URL in the address bar.

Your theme uses a so called routing plugin from probably Vue. There are config variables (for that library) that remove that hash. But as we neither know your theme nor what library is in use this needs to be requested with the developer of your theme. If that is you, check what routing library you use and their documentation.

Hugo doesn’t do that and you won’t find those hashes in the files added to public when you run hugo.

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Thanks for the reply - it uses the GitHub - themefisher/vex-hugo: Vex is a product landing page theme/template created by Themefisher based on the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. It is fully responsive and beautifully crafted with Product Showcase, Testimonials, and Email Subscription sections theme. I’ll have a look around for the routing plugin…

I can’t see anything like that in the theme. Are you sure that you didn’t add any JS based libraries in addition to the included ones?