URL for image in static directory


I need help again. Things that looks simple is SOOOO hard.

I read some posts and looks like all is good but it is not working.

blog post Do not use Pandas to load data use Data Factory :: Pedro Junqueira — Data Engineer

both link are bloken

files are in /static/img/sql.png

and code in .md is

{{< figure src="/static/img/sql.png" title="SSMS" >}}

what am I doing wrong?



You are serving your site from a subdirectory named blog:

baseURL = "https://pedrojunqueira.github.io/blog"

So the path to the image will be:


Files within the static directory are copied to the root of the public directory when you build your site, so you never include static in the path. See:

thanks it worked. :slight_smile:

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