Can not display image

Everywhere it is mentioned that you can save an image inside the static folder located on the root directory of the project and display it from within any post or page like this:

![Some Text](/static/myImage.jpg)

This does not work for me. What am I missing?

Only when myImage is hosted in the cloud then I can display it, but I am having hard time to figure out why it does not display when it is stored in the static folder.

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Remove /static from that markdown.


Wow, that works !!
But that is weird because everywhere I read /static/ must be coded that way.
I even saw your answer to some posts long time ago going in this direction (like here: [SOlved] How to... insert image in my post?)

Thank you.

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Per the docs, upon site generation, files in the static/ folder are copied to the site root.

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In the post you linked, I just gave an example of how to organize static, not how to use. It’s getting merged to the site root, so remove the /static when referencing.

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