URL concatenation error when hosting on google

Hello everyone,

I’ve read similar posts that didn’t work for me:

I’m struggling with this issue with the Airspace Themefisher theme. The layouts folder contains only references to BaseURL (i.e. {{ .Site.BaseURL }}img/logo.png). I’ve tried changing the config.toml to have relativeURLS = false but that doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve also tried to add to the theme’s layouts as per tracyghz “| absURL” everywhere where I have BaseURL but that gave me triple concatenation.

The website has been working as expected locally of course.
I’m not sure why I should change the theme to begin with, since that’s supposed to be correct, any pointers are appreciated.


Help me understand, what is an ‘URL concatenation error’ in your situation?

Sadly, I don’t have the time to read those three links you posted and then try to estimate what your problem is based on those ‘similar posts’. Can you perhaps post more about your website and settings? Particularly the baseURL setting would be helpful, since that might be causing your problems.

Thanks Jura,
The problem was that the baseURL was appending to itself so I’d get something like:

I managed to fix it by removing some “/” from various places and adding one to my website i.e. www.example.com**/**

So the issue can be closed I guess.