S3 Hosting and Page (Not Post) URL's

I’ve compiled my site and uploaded to S3. In my config.toml I have the permalinks configured like this:
[permalinks] page = "/:title/index.html" post = "/:year/:month/:day/:filename/index.html"

Unfortunately my about.md page (locate at /about/about.md) isn’t being linked correctly. Here’s the menu entry:

[[menu.main]] identifier = "about" name = "about" url = "/about/index.html" weight = 1

The links render like this:


I need to render absolute URL with the index.html in my menu. Is there a flag I’m missing or a setting?


I believe this is fixed in Hugo 0.16. Your solution is to just use the absolute URL in the menu entry.

@bep that did it. Putting:

[[menu.main]] identifier = "about" name = "about" url = "https://www.countzer0.com/about/index.html" weight = 1

For the menu entry did the trick. Thanks!