URL changes to lowercase on Page Reload

I’m facing a strange issue with my website. When you go to a URL from following links, like this: https://notes.aadam.dev/SBYNtPHqsTW9Ck1Kuoxsu, you can see that it has both upper and lowercase letters in the URL. The graph at the bottom works fine in this case. But when I reload the same webpage, the URL is automatically converted to lowercase, i.e. https://notes.aadam.dev/sbyntphqstw9ck1kuoxsu/. Now the graph would be broken, as the keys I use for that are case-sensitive, and I want them to be case-sensitive.

It’s working fine locally, i.e. when I preview my site using hugo server --minify but it’s acting up on the deployed website. I’ve built the website using hugo --minify command and deployed it using Netlify.

I don’t want the URL to change its case.

I’ve been trying to figure out the problem for the past couple of hours, but no luck yet. Can anyone help me in deciphering this? Thanks

I’ve managed to figure out the problem. It was Netlify. Gotcha: Netlify Makes All Your Filenames Case-Insensitive · Jamie Tanna | Software Engineer (jvt.me)

I’ve now switched to Cloudflare Pages. It’s working fine now.

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