Upper case urls


I have been porting my blog to hugo and I want to use the exact same url for the old posts
The problem is that the blog engine I used generated links containing upper case,
It seems hugo convert everything (slug/url/permalinks,…) to lower case.

Is there any way to tell hugo to preserve filename cases or even better copy the url/slug parameter verbatim ?


After looking further.
When using url (not slug, nor title), the case is respected when creating folder
but then the url generated in the templates are all lowercase making the link not working (as the folder have upper case letters)

I suspect this is a bug and I created an issue on github : https://github.com/spf13/hugo/issues/1329

If I am wrong let me know, thanks

I would very much like to figure out how, and where, to fight the lowercase-itis behaviour of the content generation. Is this possible by configuration? or do I have to fork and amend the behaviour in code and then issue a pull request?

I would very much appreciate some guidance from those with longer experience with configuring the behaviour of Hugo.

What I want to do is:

hugo new ASL-MTG/ASLMTG-000001.md

and have the url be:


and not:


as at present.

Also the urls coded in the other pages pointing to this content page should be:


as well so that the links work.

Please note, I am not asking for all URLs to be in upper case, just respect the case that I specify.