Urgent Paid Hugo Netlify Help

Hello Hugo Crew. I need some urgent paid help with some code mods on a Hugo Netlifiy CMS set-up. The site is live and functioning but I need help with some of the following things…

  • Making the homepage editable via the Netlify CMS (or a workaround of sorts)
  • Adding a new custom content section (with some specifics)
  • And many more optional tweaks

Please Note

  • I’m in AEST timezone so won’t be back online for 8 hours from now
  • This is urgent and needs to be started in the next 12 hrs
  • This is paid work
  • The repo is on Github and the collab will work via Github

So is it 16 hours because you are on a schedule and decided to find help when only one day was left? Or will it be 24 hours from the time you respond to any aspiring willfully helper?

There are schedules and deadlines and things beyond my control @davidsneighbour. It’s just urgent work so if anyone has the time to work immediately I welcome their service.

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