URGENT : Hugo not finding the website...every day!

I am not a technical person at all, just working with Hugo every day for managing my website.

Yesterday, to my big surprise, the hugo set up wouldn’t work. Very strange.

bash: cd: emili/nextbanq_hugo: No such file or directory
bash: cd: nextbanq_hugo: No such file or directory

$ hugo
Error: Unable to locate config file or config directory. Perhaps you need to create a new site.
Run hugo help new for details.

Total in 4 ms

So I contacted my dev in emergency in order to fix it, and she did.

However, this morning, the exact same issue is happening again.

Any idea what could it be? I am with Windows 11, and I am suspecting an update of some kind is killing my installation. But again, please bear in mind I am just a marketing guy.

Many thanks for your ideas!


Hi Emilien,

Could you please clarify what you mean by not finding the website?

It sounds like the current directory you are at

may not be where the hugo site is located.

This seems like it is your pc, so i’m assuming that this doesn’t have anything to do with hosting.
You may need to find out where the files are located on your system.
To navigate with your terminal, you can always try typing ls -a to view the files in the current directory.
The nextbanq_hugo folder may just be within another folder.

See if you can find it with that command first.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for your quick answer. Really appreciated!
Here is what I get with that command:

No idea what it means!
What I know for sure is that something happened during the night (for the second time in the row) and messed with my installation…


It seems like the path you are in may be a different folder.
Try typing pwd and make note of where you are in your file structure.
To change directory back to your user folder, try typing cd ~
From there you should be able to cd into the folder.

TLDR try cd ~/nextbanq_hugo


By using the command cd ~/nextbanq_hugo it is going back to normal.

Still have no idea why I am running into those issues, it is very strange, but with this quick fix, it’s not really a pb anymore.

Many thanks for your help!