Getting 404 because hugo is lowercasing the relative link

i have:
content/Iabbers/eLetters/ (using hugo new)

the link in goes INcorrectly to hurraw01.txt:

instead of

why is hugo turning all the uppercase letters to lowercase in forming the url?

preserveTaxonomyNames = true
in the config.toml file isn’t doing it for these relative links i have.

so the question becomes how do i get hugo to not lowercase the letters in the link?


However, this option may be removed in a future release:

Recommendation: do not use uppercase characters in file or directory names. It may come back to bite you later.

disablePathToLower = “true”

just found that this works before reading your post. :smiley:
thank you.

is this suitable or will it too “come back to bite” since they may disable this feature.

i need the cap letters showing up on the section headings though not in the link itself, so i guess i could do this manually somehow.

I think you answered your own question.

hugo new labbers/eletters/
title = 'eLetters'
date = 2022-01-03T15:32:25-08:00
draft = false
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