Problem and fix for quick start guide Ananke theme (Hugo v0.36.1)


I have just started using Hugo and I like that it is easy to install, fast and comes with a good set of conventions.

I followed the quick start guide

It did not work until I discovered that I have to do

 echo 'themesDir = "themes"' >> config.toml

on the command line or edit config.toml (Step 5 of the quick start guide); put a comment in front of

themesDir = “…/…”

or delete that line alltogether.

The complete installation log is below [1]. Included is also a remark about changing tags while running the server with live-reload.

This will help other people not to get stuck just in the ‘quick start’.

Otherwise the Anake theme is very useful as is.



[1] Steps in quick start to set up a hugo site with the ananke theme.
Fix for

hugo new site my-hugo-site
cd my-hugo-site
git clone    themes/ananke
cp themes/ananke/exampleSite/config.toml   .
rm archetypes/
cp -R themes/ananke/exampleSite/content/* ./content
echo 'theme = "ananke"' >> config.toml
echo 'themesDir = "themes"' >> config.toml

or edit config.toml and comment out

 themesDir = "../.." 

by putting # in front.

Then start the development web server with

 hugo server -Dw

The flag D means ‘show files win draft mode as well’, the flag w means ‘watch’, i.e. live-reload.

After changing tags in a file under ‘post’

      hugo server -Dw

needs to be restarted otherwise e.g.


will not show an updated list.

To deploy into the ‘public’ directory run


To create content

 hugo new post/

Then edit the file