Update hugo.darwin & hugo.linux files

My website uses a template (source) that contains a /bin folder with contents:

  • hugo.exe
  • hugo.darwin
  • hugo.linux

I successfully updated hugo.exe following instructions in Install Hugo | Hugo


  • how do I update my hugo.darwin and hugo.linux files?

I’m not familiar with .linux and .darwin extensions. Is there some program meant to open these? Or are they just arbitrary extensions tacked onto an executable?

@zwbetz, I added a source for the template I am using to the description. I am not sure where these files came from or how they were created. If the answer is not obvious, perhaps I have used a template that is a bad path to follow.

I see now what you mean, but am still not sure. I would try contacting the template author.

I assume those files are just the Linux and macos binaries that can be downloaded from the GitHub Releases. Specifically, they are the 64bit variant for each platform (aka x86_64).

I got the architecture and platform from the Linux one by downloading it from the repo and running file hugo.linux, which printed the following:

hugo.linux: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, with debug_info, not stripped

@Shadow53, sounds like the answer I was after. How do I get the hugo.linux file?
I downloaded hugo_0.49.2_Linux-64bit, and then extracted with 7zip. There was a file hugo.file

Question: is this the file I am after? And if so, how do I convert it to hugo.linux?

It is indeed the same file. You just need to rename it.

Executables on Linux and macos don’t have to have a file extension like .exe, so people often add a suffix like .linux to make it more clear that it’s an executable for Linux.

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Wow, I think it all worked! Thank you very much, @Shadow53