Unwanted directory public/drafts/ gets generated

when i generate my website i get a directory drafts in the public folder now. I am using Hugo 0.125.0-DEV which i just compiled a moment ago. I did not get this drafts folder when i was using Hugo 0.122.0-DEV before.
Where does this come from and how can i deactivate the generation of the drafts folder?

The following files are in the drafts folder:

$ find public/drafts/

And it is also referenced via the sitemap.xml.

Were you relying on drafts = true in the front matter of the index file?

Thank you for the idea. I was using a subfolder drafts in the content directory besides a post directory, where only posts with draft = true reside in. I just moved the draft posts in the post directory now. Then the generated drafts directory is not generated anymore.

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