Unmarshal failed: toml: expected newline but got U+0035 '5'

Hi guys, I’m having trouble with this error when I was trying to run hugo server command on macbook (m2). (But the same project works well on win 10 system.) Could you please help me?

Start building sites …
hugo v0.101.0+extended darwin/arm64 BuildDate=unknown
Error: Error building site: “(…)/website/content/zh/home/splash.md:9:11”: unmarshal failed: toml: expected newline but got U+0035 ‘5’
Built in 213 ms

Here’s the codes of splash.md:

# A Demo section created with the Blank widget.
# Any elements can be added in the body: https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/writing-markdown-latex/
# Add more sections by duplicating this file and customizing to your requirements.

widget = "hero"  # See https://sourcethemes.com/academic/docs/page-builder/
headless = true  # This file represents a page section.
active = true  # Activate this widget? true/false
weight = 05  # Order that this section will appear.

title = "环境与交通实验室"
subtitle = ""

  # Choose how many columns the section has. Valid values: 1 or 2.
  columns = "1"

  # Apply a background color, gradient, or image.
  #   Uncomment (by removing `#`) an option to apply it.
  #   Choose a light or dark text color by setting `text_color_light`.
  #   Any HTML color name or Hex value is valid.

  # Background color.
  # color = "white"
  # Background gradient.
  # gradient_start = "DeepSkyBlue"
  # gradient_end = "SkyBlue"
  # Background image.
  image = "splash.jpg"  # Name of image in `static/img/`.
  image_darken = 0.5  # Darken the image? Range 0-1 where 0 is transparent and 1 is opaque.
  image_size = "cover"  #  Options are `cover` (default), `contain`, or `actual` size.
  image_position = "center"  # Options include `left`, `center` (default), or `right`.
  image_parallax = true  # Use a fun parallax-like fixed background effect? true/false

  # Text color (true=light or false=dark).
  text_color_light = true

  # Customize the section spacing. Order is top, right, bottom, left.
  padding = ["80px", "0", "50px", "0"]

 # Custom CSS. 
 css_style = ""
 # CSS class.
 css_class = ""



If you’re using this theme, change weight = 05 to weight = 5.

Thanks! It works now :smiley:.

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