Unique tags in tags

I’m trying to do a simple tag list, but want the tags to only appear once.

Is there a unique element I can use to loop through the pages ?

They should be unique (unless you manually added duplicate tags to a post probably? Haven’t checked if that’s possible…).

You’ll need to share a minimal version of your site (if not the whole site) that demonstrates the problem.

Hi there,
It’s based on a blog scenario - where each update might have a specific ‘tag’ for summarising the post or it’s main topic. eg. family, mtb, photo.

If I have posts which have the similar tags they are appearing duplicated.

I don’t see the tag duplication. So to understand hoe you are getting the duplicate tag list, we need to see your site source.

The docs show you how to accomplish this using Taxonomies

You can also use content types but I suggest you use Taxonomies as they are more flexible.