Question about creating a single page


I’ve ran into a problem! This is what I have:

# content/disney/
# content/disney/
# content/disney/
# content/disney/

When I go to /disney/ it shows me a list of these posts, a summary.html of these posts. Each post has a link to its own post page on the title. So if you go to disney/pluto/ you end up seeing the pluto page.

Now, my problem with that is that it might end up being duplicated content (I believe? Not really sure).

I won’t be truncating the post, so it will end up being a duplicate.

if I go to /disney/pluto/index.html it will be the exact same content on /disney/index.html, minus the header description, meta tags, etc. But the page content? It will be the same.
Both are the same files.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Maybe I’m going wrong about this.

Not sure what you mean by this but your source content would not be duplicated.


What I mean is that I end up with two pages with exactly the same content.


Then change your templates to prevent this.

This is the default in most themes. It suits something like a blog or a news section very well.

The visitor goes too where they see a list or short summary of all the recent posts. Clicking on a post takes them to the post where they can read it all.

If this is not what you want you will need to change the list.html template.