Unhelpful error

Greetings all. I keep running into an issue where an error like this is thrown:

Error: add site dependencies: load resources: loading templates: walk: Readdir: decorate: lstat /home/techquila/code/src/ no such file or directory

I find it incredibly unhelpful. It is because an error exists somewhere in one of my template files but no clues given.

How can I progress here please?

Follow the advice at Requesting Help. I’d recommend describing how to reproduce the error (clone so-and-so.git, run hugo, that kinda thing). :slight_smile:

thanks for the reply @maiki.

If I knew how to reproduce the error I wouldn’t need to ask this question lol.

This was a fresh new site with a new theme I’m developing. It’s not the first time I’ve received this error though as I experienced it in the last site I built as well, which turned out to be caused by an incorrectly stipulated file path, which I assume is the case here too.

Can you offer an explanation of what these numbers represent please? It appears to be some kind of pointer to a file, which i’m obviously missing here.

Many thanks,

Ok… the issue was I had an artifact, created from my emacs editor, contained with in the templates directory that was causing this error to throw.

Emacs will create a temporary file to store unsaved changes when a file is opened. I’ll have to adjust my emacs config to tell it where to save these types of files from now on.

My opinion that this is an unhelpful error, and my question remains however: How do I interpret this?