Unable to read frontmatter at filepos 1366: EOF

I am completely layman in git. I need some merciful and understandable suggestions xD. The theme I used for my website building is hugo academic. I tried to change and update the talk.md under the Content file (NOT the “talk” under the Content > home > talk.md). But I never succeed. In the beginning, the error shows like below:

ERROR 2018/07/15 10:38:27 Failed to render "theme/section/talk.html": runtime error: index out of range

Then I deleted the _index.md file. Things got ugly and irreversible. Every commitment turned out to be failed during the deployment from git to Netlify. Even though I regretted it and tried to copy and paste the same “_index.md” file to the same file path. Netlify’s deploy log kept showing the same error below, even I updated other section like posts or publications:

Error building site: unable to read frontmatter at filepos 1366: EOF

Does anyone have some ideas about what happened here? Save my website I’ve built for half month.

Thank you very much!

Can you post a link to your git repository?

Here is my git rep: https://github.com/ygjose/academic-website/tree/master/content
Thank you very much!

post/post.md has hyphens at the start of each line.

OMG! You save my website!!! You spotted the problem. Thank you very much!:star_struck: