Unable to create posts or pages in Elate theme

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create additional pages that links from the frontpage using Elate theme. I do the following.
$hugo new post/_index.md
$hugo new post/duyuru/_index.md
$hugo new post/duyuru/hiring.md
$hugo server -D
Then when I go to localhost:1313/post/ or localhost:1313/post/duyuru/hiring, all I see is a blank page. Let me note that when I check /themes/hogo-elate-theme/layouts/_default/list.html and single.html, they are empty files.
Below is my directory tree (unnecessary directories are not shown):

What am I doing wrong here?

don’t use -D
Can use -b http://localhost

Dear Gerhard,
Thank you very much for your pretty quick reply. I must admit that I am very new to hugo. So I greatly appreciate a bit more detailed help.
I entered hugo -b http://localhost with and without quotes with no success. I still get empty page. I am stuck here with a single page :frowning_face:

Update! This should be a theme issue. I am able to get list page and hiring page with “simple-hugo-theme”. I am still to figure out how to create individual pages and link them from the front page with elate theme.


there are some files under public, this ist the default output directory for hugo.

There is NOTHING under layouts? l

start reading here

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Thank you for the link. Yes in Elate theme list.html and single.html are just empty files. I guess, the theme author did it purposely because this is created as a single page theme. But I want additional pages. I solved the initial problem by filling list and single files. But couldn’t get css working in my content pages. I am working on it though.