<ul><li> are not interpreted

Hi everybody,

first of all. Thanks for Hugo - it’s a nice product!

I’m using the airspace theme and even when I use " | safeHTML " the list tags (ul li) are not interpreted as aspected.

Can someone tell me why? This happens in blog entries and also in partials.

Thanks in advance.

Do you know the term “black box”? From what you are writing everything could happen in your website. Please post a repo with an example of the issue (or link your repo). Post the template in question where you use safeHTML. Post what the resulting HTML output is. Post what you would expect to see. Post what you see.

Out of nothing, I would assume that you use safeHTML on some code where you shouldn’t use it and the result is maybe that you can see the ul and li tags on the website instead of them being actual tags. But that is assuming Schroedinger’s cat is alive :wink:

Hi pkollitsch,

sorry for inconvenience. Attached an example repository.

For demonstration purposes I added a blog entry and a normal page - both with bulletpoints. The corresponding URLs are:
and … blog/lists/

Thanks in advance.