uglyURLs for a custom output format only


Please, how can I set uglyURLs for a custom output format, so I don’t need to set url for every file?

Thank you.

  • UglyURLs is a global setting (for a site/language)
  • You can turn it off (if it’s on) by setting NoUgly = true (if I remember correctly) for a output format

Thank you, @bep.

I want to do exactly the opposite: to use ugly urls only for a specific format.

Other thing! Instead of create a “no” variable and set it to “yes”, which is weird, why not to allow override UglyURLs by output format?

Thank you.

uglyURLs is a global setting. Changing that means more work. For me. Which I don’t care for.

I was talking only about the chosen name for the setting. A “something = false” is better than “noSomething = true”.

In Go, default value for a bool is false. And in this case, there is no such thing as setting “Ugly = true” for a output format; it would not work.