Setting uglyurls but want to use prettyurl on list-page

I want to build list-page on localhost:1313/news/2018/
But the file can’t be built.
Now,it has been build on localhost:1313/news/2018.html
I use uglyurls.

I need to build directory like the following.

├ index.html
├ xxx.html
└ news
  ├ index.html
  ├ 2018
  │ ├ index.html
  │ ├ aaa.html
  │ └ bbb.html
  └ 2017
    ├ index.html
    ├ ccc.html
    └ ddd.html

if I go to localhost:1313/news/2018/(/2017/),I want to display list page.
Otherwise uglyurls example:localhost:1313/news/aaa.html

Could you tell me that please.

You can’t mix-n-match. It’s either all Ugly URLs or all Pretty URLs

Thanks for your reply.
I got it…