Uglyurl site generation error

I am seeing the following error while building with uglyurl = true.

Building sites … **ERROR** 2019/11/02 01:29:50 open /Blog/public/pages/contact.html: is a directory
**ERROR** 2019/11/02 01:29:50 open /Blog/public/pages/terms-and-policies.html: is a directory

Total in 495 ms

Error: Error building site: failed to render pages: open /Blog/public/pages/about.html: is a directory

Has anyone came across this issue and manage to fix it?

If you share your repo, or create a minimal reproducible example, you’ll get better help.

I have added a sample code here

You can add any theme to that and still seeing the error. I am thinking it could be related to Hugo…

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What OS and hugo version are you using?

I think it’s the aliases in your frontmatter.

aliases = ["about"]


Try it with aliases = ["/about.html"] or aliases = ["/about/"] instead:


Thank you, I just didn’t’ even think about the aliases in the post and being concentrating everywhere else…