Two sites in one

I would like to have two landing pages in my documentation site, such that:

  • one landing page has only the content relevant for newer users (small subset)
  • the other landing page has the content for more advanced users (all docs)

Any ideas?

How will you separate the users?

If the content is entirely different you can just create two different Sections.

It’s for the users to choose which site they want.

Here are two use cases:

  • A landing page with two buttons:
    • Getting Started - Leads to the limited site with short TOC and more marketing-type materials
    • Working with Product - Leads to full site with longer TOC and full technical materials
  • Besides the main Docs button on our header, also have a link on our web site that lead to the Getting Started site

What sort of URLs are you thinking about for these two landing pages?

Not sure if this answers the original question precisely, but on the Hugo docs site we have a page with various entry points for users (looking at it now, I see there are some pages that don’t belong there): and that at least allows for some variability, because even a new person might not need “getting started” every time.

Though, as an aside, I’d guess that the entry point for anyone aside from very new people is search.

@RickCogley - Something like this:
Working with Product -
Getting Started -

@budparr - The key to this whole idea is the truncated TOC. For example with the hugo site, if you clicked on Getting Started and the rest of the TOC “disappeared”, that’s kind of what I’m looking for.

So I’m not sure why you just don’t have two separate menus, and if appropriate, two separate sections for them.

I guess that’s really the question. Right now my TOC is built automatically by directory structure. How would I get a subfolder to show a different TOC?

do you have a repo we could look at?

The theme you are using looks like it will take content and organize it in the tree menu based on the content Sections.

You would put all of your getting started content in /content/getting-started/

If you want a special menu on just the getting started pages, then you would need to make a new menu partial and template for that page.

It seems like you are looking for a similar menu as the HugoDocs, so the base docdock theme functionality should work for you.

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