Build two sites from one source

What I’m looking to do is have one /content/ folder, but produce two HTML outputs, each with its own layout/theme.

I had a quick look at options on the hugo command, and the docs about multiple output types, but neither does what I’m after (as far as I can see)

The end goal is for one the HTML sites to then be converted to PDF using wkhtmltopdf. I don’t want to just convert the original site as I don’t want header/footer/nav in the PDF. So one of the HTML outputs would be styled with PDF in mind.

I would then need to do some manual copying/write a script to move the PDFs into the main site so they can be downloaded. This isn’t ideal (am open to suggestions for totally different approaches)

Is this possible? Any suggested alternatives?

For this, you could have a config file for each site (you can specify the config file to use when running hugo). Then in your PDF config file, have a param something like pdf = true, then in your layouts only show the header/footer/nav if the param is true

Ahha! Thank you! Presumably can also pull in different style sheets depending on settings as well. Just need to nail the process for getting the PDFs into the main output, but that shouldn’t be too bad. Appreciate your help :slight_smile: