Twitter only using Summary card

I’m having a problem with Twitter Cards only using Summary card.

According to the docs:

If images aren’t specified in the page front-matter, then hugo searches for image page resources with feature , cover , or thumbnail in their name. If no image resources with those names are found, the images defined in the site config are used instead. If no images are found at all, then an image-less Twitter summary card is used instead of summary_large_image .

My front matter is as follows:

title: How to schedule posts in Hugo
description: In this post I will show you how you can automatically schedule future posts with Hugo and Netlify.
author: remy
date: 2021-10-15T06:00:00-04:00
feature: /images/demo.jpg
- Hugo
- Web Development
- Hugo
- Scheduling
- Netlify

I’m using Feature: for the featured image, yet the twitter card isn’t picking it up.

Do I need to change it to “Images” instead?

I’m confused because the docs say that feature is valid and should work, and yet…

Repo Link

Site Link

Thank you in advance. I’m sure I’m missing something very obvious!

Ope, I just reread the docs.

I was missing something very obvious.

Feature has to be in the image name, not the parameter.

I will go adjust my params now.

Sorry if I wasted your time! <3

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