Twitter Card Image not showing?

Hey. :slight_smile:

I used the Twitter Card Template here.

The front matter:

title: “SCP Cheatsheet”
date: 2023-01-05T15:06:03Z
draft: false
categories: [“Linux”]
tags: [“SSH”, “Cheatsheet”]
featured_image: scpfeatured.png
showcomments: false
description: All you need to know about SCP

  • images/featuredscp_hufdaa388111e5cf949af96851bf432d3f_46599_600x0_resize_box_3.png
Shows now errors.

Title and Description work and show up.

Image url works.

Page source:

Any ideas?

Your card works fine for me in a tweet.

As of mid 2022, preview functionality was removed from the Card Validator

This not working for couple months at least. Under all mighty chef twit this will not be fixed hence forget about this tool. Overall when you share it will work as expected.

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Thanks, works fine now. I changed nothing. :slight_smile:

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