Twitter Card

I’m new here and I’m new to Hugo so go easy. I’m sure this has been asked a thousand times before but I dont get why the Twitter card isnt working.

I have the correct BaseURL set in my config.
I have my socials set.

If I use this: Twitter Card Preview Tool | RenderForm
Twitter card shows fine.

If I use Twitter its self and try to post. It doesnt work.

I’m lost.

Other social media sites all work fine.

My repo is private, and publishes to a public one using GitHub pages.

Any advice on what to check or any other information to give to assist in troubleshooting. Please explain like I’m five. Thanks.

How do you include the embedded template? Please show the code.

I’m not sure how to find that I presume it’s part of my theme? Where would I look for that?

I don’t have to put anything in the front matter.

I’m using a theme from gethugothemes

Since you paid for the theme, I’d expect they would support you as well: