Trying to run prebuild script to generate archive, but do not see the script running in build

Trying to do archive lists for a blog supporting internationalization. e.g.


The best method sans tags seems to be from @atj as it will allow me to keep legacy urls vs the tag format:

I have copied it verbatim for testing before modification. Wondering why the build script isn’t running? What do I need to do for that to occur? Config?

I cannot share repo. Apologies.

I re-opened the topic.

The only way that Hugo accepts JS files as part of the build is through the ESBuild pipeline, i.e. loading a JS file as a resource and using it in the templates.

As far as I know -but I may be wrong- you cannot use a script through Hugo to generate Markdown files the way you are trying to do.

I would suggest that you use some kind of a CI service and have the JS execute before generating your Hugo project.

Beyond that, also try asking the JS author and how they have configured their build, although it seems that the orignal article you are referring to was written in 2017 -that is a long time ago-.