Troubleshooting listing only pages under specific directory

This seems to be a common problem and I’ve tried my best to spend time searching the forums for a solution that would work for me.

My folders are arranged in the following structure:

├── content
|   ├── submissions
|   |   ├──
|   |   ├──
|   |   └──

I have a partial called listing.html which I am calling on my homepage to display the files under submissions folder (all files such as, etc.). This is what listing.html looks like:

<div class="grid grid-flow-row xl:grid-cols-3 sm:grid-cols-1 gap-10 py-10">
    {{ range where .Pages "Type" "submissions" }}
   // Do some range stuff
        {{ end }}

However, this loads only this listing:

I have to click on this listing to be shown the pages under the submissions folder, like so:

This is what I would like to show on my homepage. Based on the past questions in this forum, I’ve tried changing my range query to something such as:

{{ range where .Pages "File.Dir" "in" "/submissions/" }} (This question)

{{ range where .Pages "Section" "submissions" }} (This question)

Some of the older questions involve creating a new listing layout for the submissions type, and I’m wondering if its bad practice if I’m using a separate partial to create listings. Is that the case?

My website is hosted here:
Git Repo: GitHub - thedivtagguy/srishtiarchives

What you can do is:

{{ $section := site.GetPage "submission" }}
{{ range $section.Pages }}
{{ end }}
{{ range $section.RegularPages }}
{{ end }}
{{ range $section.RegularPagesRecursive }}
{{ end }}

The 3 range examples do 3 different things, my guess is you want the second.

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Thank you for your answer, this works perfectly! Would you also be able to tell me the logic behind why this works (and not what I had), so I can try resolving this on my own next time?

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