Trouble to install hugo On github

Hello I have a problem installing hugo On github I tried it on localhost1313 it works without errors and when i upload it github Does not work Can you see a problem (I do not know to explain a problem in English)

Well, there seem to be 2 problems to start with.

  1. First, you have written the config in toml, but, named the file as yml.
  2. There’s no themes directory that contains the terminal theme.

If you can fix those two, we can see how the rest goes.

I did not notice an old config file but even when I fix it it does not work

Is there any error message or something?

One thing I noticed, however, it’s probably not a solution to this problem. The baseurl = "/" in config should have a proper URL from what I know. Hugo uses that value in your sitemap and Permalinks. So, don’t set it to a relative value.

I’m not experienced with GitHub Pages. But, you can probably try using Netlify.

There are no errors and baseurl not a problem

As far as I know, GitHub Pages won’t ‘build’ your website. You’d have to build one locally and upload it to GitHub to serve.

EDIT: I just found something interesting in Hugo docs:

ok thanks

Yes, GitHub do not automatically build a Hugo site.

My preferred way is to set up GitHub actions to deploy the site every time new code is pushed to the repo.

I use this and it works well in my experience.

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