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Hello there. I imagine this type of question is not uncommon, but I don’t know why I can’t deploy my site from a repository. I’ve followed what’s described in (GitHub User or Organization Pages) and I thought I’ve followed all the steps properly, but I still can’t make my website to work. Locally everything works fine, and the upload to github seems to have been successful. Any clues of what I am doing wrong?

My repository:

Thank you!

The baseURL value in the project config needs the protocol i.e. https://

The themesDir value should not have a dot i.e. themesDir = "themes" Also note that the themes directory is set to themes by default, so this parameter is kind of redundant.

Do the above and try deploying your project again.

Thank you for answering. I did that, then run hugo server and committed to git. Does not seem to have changed much. Any idea why?

The Step-by-Step mentions that you need to create two repos.

  1. For the project (like the one in the link you posted above)
  2. A second repository that will contain the fully rendered version of your Hugo website.

Then you connect the /public/ folder in git with the second repo as its origin.
So that whenever you execute the command hugo and not hugo server you can push the contents of /public/ to the repo that wil be used from GitHub Pages

P.S. Your description in the first post and your second reply do not refer to these steps. However if you have done all of the above then perhaps you should also have a look at the GitHub Documentation.

Thank you again for answering. I’ve followed all the steps in the step-by-step document, and my GitHub pages was set up properly. I started a repository from zero and followed the steps again. I had one deployment problem but fixed it. Now I get that the website is published:

However, the website still does not show up at or
Apart from that, would you know what else could be going wrong?

I see your website being served just fine at

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Hey @alexandros, it seems like I just managed to fix it! Still trying to understand some details though. Thank you for your help!

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