Tools/libraries that can drive new Hugo features


From time to time I find tools/libraries that I think one day can be useful, usually some random Go library. This is a thread for those links. A bookmark manager of sorts.


Smartcrop (Go lib):


Long term, but interesting:



Or just at time of generation to some kind of logging file…


This could spice up the interactive CLI:


For template debugging:


For hugo get.



Wow. Survey looks delicious. I was just looking at go-prompt, but it doesn’t work on windows. Survey does. Thanks for sharing!


“Hugo Render/Build Farm” …



Is this blog post ‘Go, don’t collect my garbage’ also helpful for future Hugo development?

I came across that blog post earlier this week, and thought it might perhaps affect Hugo’s performance as well (depending on how many goroutines Hugo spawns and how long Hugo takes to render the website, from how I understand those Go benchmarks in that post).

(My Go/Hugo knowledge is not enough to tell if that blog post applies to Hugo as well. But I thought it’s best to share it here so people with the knowledge can look at it.)


From the Gregorian calendar question post:



A fork of Blackfriday/v2:



While I’m not a huge fan of PDFs on websites, I have to say this would be an incredibly cool feature. Clients still ask for this sort of COPE (create once, publish everywhere) functionality. If Hugo could bake this functionality into builds somehow, yowzer.





I read about that, and seems like a fork or similar to:

But how are comment hosting solutions related to hugo itself?