TOML dotted key seems not supported in data files

Hello Hugo,

I got this error when I put a dotted key in a TOML data file.

When I put a dotted key in config.toml, hugo does not seem to complain. I’m on termux android with latest hugo termux package. This hugo release has go-toml 1.6 I think and dotted keys were already implemented in that one from the info I found on the git repo.

Any idea on what could have go wrong ??


Dotted keys were added to the TOML spec on Jul 10, 2018. See

The TOML parser we use does not yet support dotted keys:

An issue was created in the Hugo issue queue this morning, proposing deprecation of in favor of

As a workaround, you can quote-encapsulate the dotted keys:


"physical.color" = "orange"
"physical.shape" = "round"
"physical.color" = "yellow"
"physical.shape" = "oblong"


{{ index "physical.color" }}
{{ index "physical.shape" }}
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I just grepped go.mod for toml: v0.3.1 v1.6.0 // indirect

I am not sure what “indirect” means, nor how these two modules are invoked/interact.

Indirect means that we import a package that uses go-toml, but we don’t directly import it.