Thumbnail and img'is position can't control

i cant realise the example of link:the thumbnail and img’s position(The thumbnails did not appear in the article;the article’s picture dont appear in the list).
in the link.
my blog’position:

i dont find the document about this,how archieve this effect? tks.

Hard to answer your question without seeing your repo.

I see from the source that:

…the images in the site are being styled using css, so, I would look there, and, see if you can figure out if the original thumbs are already sized that way.

…that site is generated in Hugo, and that those images are controlled via css. Is that a theme? Are there any instructions on the theme site or github repo?

tks for reply.
i use a hugo’s theme named ‘mainroad’.
the article’s configure:

I think the location of the thumbnail and picture can be realized by the configuration of the article。so come to ask.How to achieve the same effect as an example

I suggest you ask the theme author on the theme repo.

tks for directions

tks tks

Looking at that screenshot, you have a space before some of your colons in the frontmatter. That might be causing trouble but I have not tested it for sure. I would remove the space before those colons.

The thumbnail is getting pulled into templates and is styled by the css. However, the inspiration-banner you pasted in as markdown, will just get placed across the top. I would imagine it will not mix very well with another styled image.