Theme recomendations for writing and audio?

I’ve been making notes and going in circles as I look at the themes. I think what it comes down to is me learning more about Hugo to customize a theme to what I want. So, I know a bit of CSS, bootstrap, HTML, but I’m no dev.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • indieweb goodness like webmention
  • comments for those not using , probably prefer staticman
  • a separate RSS feed for just the audio content

I like the look of story (no comments or webmention) and UILite Blog (disqus, meh. RSS?). The image next to a summary of a post is attractive to me. I reached out to uicardio for a quote, which may save me some headaches.

There’s Amit’s Indiewebify your Hugo Site which could help me, and some posts here in the forum.

So would I be better off taking Story and working on the indieweb stuff and melting my brain trying to figure out comments?
Would you recommend I find something with staticman and try my hand at customizing the look and feel?
Any theme recommendations?

The Indigo Theme has IndieWeb features.

Also have a look at @kaushalmodi ‘s source code for his website with Webmention comments integrated over here:

Thanks for the ping.

@sikkdays Here’s the theme source:

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Thanks. I spoke with @kaushalmodi on Mastodon a bit about his theme. As I said, I think I just need to dig in and stop being so insecure, fearing that I’m going to start with the wrong theme or make extra work for myself. We all do what works for us, right?

Appreciated, sir. I’m a fan of your theme, as I shared on the Mastodon social network.

You may see this site :de: for an example of your desired theme with Staticman integrated into Hugo.

For the audio part you can take a look at the themes that support podcasts

My own Zen theme is one of them, i recently added podcast support to it. It has an iTunes ready RSS feed and you add mp3s to the front matter and they get generated with HTML5 audio tag.