Theme layout does not have any effect

Hi, I am using the research group theme (Research Group Template | Hugo Blox). I want to expand the people’s page to include awards/teaching/experience etc. to the profile page. So I have copied hugo-blox-builder/modules/blox-bootstrap/layouts/partials/blocks/about.biography.html at main · HugoBlox/hugo-blox-builder · GitHub to my website/layouts/partials/blocks and added

# I have added this block
      {{ with $person.teaching }}
      <div class="col-md-9">
        <div class="section-subheading">{{ i18n "teaching" | markdownify }}</div>
        <ul class="ul-edu fa-ul mb-0">
          {{ range .courses }}
            <i class="fa-li fa-solid fa-graduation-cap"></i>
            <div class="description">
              <p class="course">{{ .course }}{{ with .year }}, {{ . }}{{ end }}</p>
              <p class="institution">{{ .institution }}</p>
          {{ end }}
      {{ end }}

I have added the following in the front matter of content/authors/admin/

    - course: Classical Mechanics
      institution: Harish-chandra Research Institute
      year: MSc

But this is of no effect. Actually the file about.biography.html has no effect at all.
Can someone kindly let me know what I am doing wrong?

This is very specific to the used Theme and your configuration files and frontmatter settings. Without access to your sources …

You might get a faster and accurate answer by reaching out to them using their github issues or discord channel

You are more likely to receive an accurate and timely response from the Hugo Blox team:

They also have an active Discord channel:

cc: @alcarazr

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