Theme breaks with https?

I just finished setting up a new site on GitLab pages. I’m having a weird issue where the theme doesn’t load if you force HTTPS. looks like this:

but… looks like this:

Here is the repo: Raymond Weitekamp / the-anything-store-site · GitLab

TLS appears to be set up correctly on GitLab side, via Cloudflare:

Any thoughts?

That GitLab link you provided requires a sign in.

But just looking at your site source, if I change

To be https then your site looks good again

I just made the GitLab repo public.

So there is definitely a baseURL issue.

I just swapped baseURL = “”. Now HTTPS works but HTTP doesn’t.

Any thoughts on how to make both work? (On the hugo side, I guess I can always force HTTPS as a workaround)

I’m just confused because I have other hugo sites on Gitlab where this is not a problem (like )

Not sure. Perhaps you could configure gitlab to redirect HTTP to HTTPS

for now i’m rerouting HTTP => HTTPS w/ cloudflare, but this appears to be the solution:

Gitlab Pages doesn’t offer this service.

Protocol relative URLs are an anti-pattern. A website is ideally served under HTTPS.

I suggest that you use an alternative free service that offers HTTP —> HTTPS redirection, like Netlify.

Github and Cloudflare do work together just fine.

There can be an issue with mixed content described here: